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If your partner has a penis, there’s no faster path to sex-god status than giving an amazing BJ. Make your person moan all the way up to an earth-shattering orgasm with toys that intensify sensation and bring you closer. Get to know your options, and how to use them, in our list below.


Manta vibrating stroker handshot on blue background

MANTA (XBIZ toy of the year)

Best review: "This toy is dangerous, in a fantastic way, it's like nothing you will have ever seen or used before. Perfect for jacking up your blow job skills and excellent to use on your guy’s dick when you are riding on top of him. You can feel the vibrations through his dick!"

Why we love it: The open-ended design gives you a full sexy view of the action which you can’t find in comparable toys.

Our fav way to use this toy: Place MANTA at the base of the penis while you use your mouth on the head of the penis. Make sure to focus on the frenulum. Add some light suction. Wrap your hand around the vibrating wings and stroke, applying different amounts of pressure while you focus on the head of the penis.



NOS penis ring vibrator in blue


Best review: "It's surprisingly powerful for such a cute little thing. We tried it a few times for different things, but my favorite is for him to wear it up until the very end, when I can take it off and hold it against myself on the highest setting for the big finish. Come together indeed!"

Why we love it: With two powerful motors, this toy was an immediate hit! We know you like to mix it up, and NŌS’ flexible design makes it so you can put it on or take it off at any point during play.

Our fav way to use this toy: Hold NŌS in your hand and use it, along with your tongue, to tease the tip of the penis; lube it up and stroke the shaft; or press against the perineum (that’s behind the balls!). When your lucky recipient can’t take any more, slip NŌS onto their shaft and go to town on one another.



LAYA II clit vibrator in pink handshot


Best review: “I bought this for my wife and she ended up using it on me. I had no idea I even liked vibration until she incorporated it into a BJ and wow! LAYA seamlessly transitions from oral to clit stimulator during sex.”

Why we love it: Since 1996, we’ve been making toys, and LAYA II has sold more than any other toy we’ve made. The reason? When hetero couples are shopping for vibes, men often think they’re only for women. As soon as we mention that this is a perfect toy for a BJ, men are ready to buy.

Our fav way to use this toy: Use LAYA II to cup the balls during a BJ while focusing your mouth on the head of the penis. Move LAYA II to focus the vibration on the frenulum while you suck the balls. Keep switching back and forth until your partner finishes.



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