Tips and Toys for Anal

Person biting another persons butt cheek while that person holds Sharevibe double dildo

Whether you’re new to butt stuff or an expert looking for new heights of pleasure, we have a toy for you. See what reviewers have to say, learn where each toy shines, and then set yourself up for your next anal orgasm.


LIMBA FLEX bendable dildo


Best review: “I’m no stranger to anal but I bought this toy primarily as an intro to pegging. Its size and shape is perfect and it really delivers! The tapered tip is fantastic and makes for very easy and comfortable insertion. When bending it to hit the P-spot it keeps its shape. This hit the mark spot on.”

Why we love it: This amazingly versatile toy allows couples to experience more freedom and creativity in their play. Who wants to be limited by a toy? LIMBA FLEX is limitless.

Our fav way to use this toy: We love LIMBA FLEX small for long, slow grinding sessions, LIMBA FLEX medium for rigorous fucking, and LIMBA FLEX large for a satisfying feeling of fullness. Shaping them to reach your hot spots just takes it to the next level.

It pairs well with: A really well-made harness makes all the difference in your strap-on performance. It gives you more control for better thrusting and holds your toy so you feel each thrust on your clit. SpareParts is our number-one choice for harnesses.



Bootie Fem But plug


Best review: “It has been my first anal toy and it has been wonderful! I have used it with my partner and it has been one of the most pleasurable experiences I remember.”

Why we love it: This toy gives you an easy intro to anal play with its slim silhouette and soft silicone. What’s really special, though, is its asymmetrical base, which leaves the vaginal opening unobstructed. This design lets you wear the toy anally and engage in PIV sex simultaneously, offering more sensation for both partners.

Our fav way to use this toy: After a steamy warmup sesh, slather the toy with water-based lube and insert it into the vulva owner’s butt. When the penetrating partner enters the receiving partner, both will feel a little extra pressure with every thrust.

It pairs well with: If you’re a vulva owner, try BOOTIE FEM with STRONIC REAL, our self-thrusting toy. Using the two together, you can explore double penetration, even when you’re playing solo.



Bootie Ring Fun Factory cockring for men


Best review: “WOW did it feel good! The curve of the plug is not too intense, but it felt really good to rock against and definitely upped my orgasm. Great for playing alone, and looking forward to trying it with my partner!”

Why we love it: BOOTIE RING features the comfortable curve of our most popular anal toy, BOOTIE, in a combo design. The ring helps the wearer maintain harder erections while the plug stimulates the prostate for bigger, better orgasms.

Our fav way to use this toy: Try BOOTIE RING paired with oral, before things get too hot and heavy. This way, your partner can watch and feel as the ring starts to get tight, and the plug will tug against you. To pack even more punch, they can press a bullet vibe against the middle part of BOOTIE RING to massage your perineum and spread vibration throughout the toy.

It pairs well with: SUTIL Rich is an extra thick, comfy lubricant that’s pH-balanced for the anus. Better still, it features hyaluronic acid to keep your tissues hydrated over time.



Bootie Ring Fun Factory cockring for men


Best review: "Love the length and the girth, it was perfect for anal penetration (not too large, not too small, easy to adjust depth of penetration as needed). The ridge along the head of the shaft felt AWESOME. It definitely hit the prostate and was easy to grind against in a few different positions, which isn't always the case if the shaft is too floppy."

Why we love it: SHARE LITE is ideally balanced for harness-free wear, so you can spend less time fooling with straps and buttons and more time fooling around. Its adjustable hinge makes it easy to switch positions in the middle of play. It’s also shaped to hit the giver’s G-spot and the receiver’s G- or P-spot, so everyone wins.

Our fav way to use this toy: The giver enters the receiver anally, doggy style. Every bounce and stroke feels totally effortless.

It pairs well with: If the receiving partner has a penis, COBRA LIBRE II will enhance any reach-around. The penis head vibrator works regardless of whether the user is erect, and its mild suction sensation takes play to the next level.



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