Toy Recs for Pride

Queer Prom Pride Toys MANTA, BOOTIE, and VOLTA on a rainbow background

If you're anything like us, you crave Pride vibes all year long. Lucky for you, we have just the thing, no matter how you identify or what you like to do in bed. You could always go for a no-fail Rainbow AMOR dildo, but if you’re craving something different, check out these recs from queer sexperts.


Epiphora Recommends BOOTIE

“An ideal first butt plug, and one you can grow into as it’s available in three graduated sizes, the BOOTIE is a just-right sort of toy anyone can enjoy. It goes in smoothly, pops into place, and the sensation I get from its curved tip is way better than the lackluster feel of a boring straight plug.”

FUN FACTORY - Butt Plug BOOTIE S violet

Zachary Zane, Resident Sex Expert at FUN FACTORY, Recommends BI AMOR

“This small silicone dildo is excellent for vaginal and anal beginners. (It has less than five inches of insertable length.) The slight curve of BI AMOR hits the G-spot or prostate, and it’s compatible with harnesses (for those interested in trying pegging). The best part? BI AMOR comes in the colors of the bisexual flag (blue, pink, and purple), so it’s a great way to show off your bi pride in the bedroom!

Even though I'm an anal pro (and aficionado), I still love using BI AMOR because I feel like it hits my prostate justttt right. I also use it as my ‘warm-up’ dildo before inserting bigger things in my rear end.”


Sonny Farnsworth, Senior Sales Manager at FUN FACTORY, Recommends LIMBA FLEX

“LIMBA FLEX is my favorite strap-on toy for switches. If you like one angle during one session and your partner craves a different one the next, just bend the toy to fit anyone’s preference!

The medium and large sizes are perfect for strapping on and thrusting. They hold their shape and are super lightweight, so movements feel natural and easy when topping. Bend the medium size into an 'S-Curve' for A-spot perfection, or if you or your partner want more fullness, the extra girth of the large has you covered.

The small size is my go-to upgrade when manually penetrating a partner. Curve it to their desired angle, grip the base in between your middle two fingers, and go to town with WAY less strain on your fingers and wrists.”

Limba Flex bendable dildo electric blue on a transparent background

Bobby Box Recommends MANTA

“It’s my favorite toy, period. I’ve never used a penis toy that has made orgasms so intense. Its unique shape makes it a truly versatile toy that you can use in a number of different ways (most strokers only have one). I like to position the MANTA’s fluttering tips against my frenulum, and slowly edge myself to a full-body orgasm. Adopting this technique has made me appreciate how therapeutic it is to take time with your orgasm—and more importantly, with yourself.

Also, just because this toy is designed for the penis, doesn’t mean it can’t be used on vulvas. The frenulum and clitoris have similar nerve receptors and the MANTA can be a wonderful tool for clitoral stimulation as well. It’s also a great tool for oral sex on penises, and the deep vibrations help simulate deep-throating, which is particularly helpful if you have a gag reflex (hi, me).”

FUN FACTORY - Vibrating Stroker MANTA deep sea blue

Carly S. Recommends VOLTA

“VOLTA is great because it's truly a gender-neutral toy that can be used on many different body parts for fun. Other than using the fluttery tips to tease any erogenous zone, you can use the broad flat side to stroke the vulva, or the shaft of a penis, or even massage the taint of your partner. You could even insert this toy if you wanted. The shape is truly like a Swiss army knife of sensations.”

FUN FACTORY - External Vibrator VOLTA petrol

Kristen Tribby, Head of Global Marketing at FUN FACTORY, Recommends FUN Cups

“For queer folks, great orgasms are often about feeling confident and empowered in your own body, not just during sex, but also in your daily life. A great product for folks who menstruate are FUN CUPS, as they don't interfere when you are in the mood for play. A tampon string during strap-on play can often take you out of the experience. With FUN CUPS, there are no visible strings or stems. Plus, the gender-neutral packaging, instructions, and storage bag will be affirming for all genders.”



Meet the contributors:

Epiphora has a very discerning vagina. With a sex toy collection that clocks in at over 900, she has been testing and reviewing sex toys on her popular blog, Hey Epiphora, for over a decade. Highly trusted and well-known for her snarky yet authentic style, Epiphora is famous for her relentlessly honest sex toy reviews. Many loyal readers entrust their future orgasms to her, and she does not take that honor lightly.

Zachary Zane is FUN FACTORY’s resident Sex Expert. His work focuses on sexuality, culture, and the LGBTQ community. He is the author of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto.

He currently has two columns: “Sexplain It” at Men’s Health and “Navigating Non-Monogamy” at Cosmo. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Boyslut Zine, which publishes real sex stories from kinksters worldwide. His work on sexuality and relationships has been published in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and many others.

Carly S. is the Queen of Wands, a pleasure educator, a porn star, a model, the blogger of Dildo or Dildont, and a bad bitch from the Bronx. She’s managed and been the featured educator of some of NYC’s hottest award-winning sex toy stores. You may have seen her teach at Exxxotica, Cycles and Sex, or Sex Expo; read her work in Cosmopolitan, Glamour, or Shape, or heard her on countless podcasts. 

Bobby Box (he/him) is a freelance sex writer and educator who’s worked as Grindr’s sex columnist and Playboy’s resident male sex writer and advisor. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @bybobbybox.

All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.

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