Tips and Toys for a Wet-Hot Summer

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As you’re making your summer plans, make sure to leave some room in your schedule/butt for sex toys. No matter what’s on your calendar, one of our 50-plus designs will make the season more FUN. Going someplace overseas? Use a battery-operated toy and don’t worry about the outlets. Spending some time by the water? All our toys are waterproof!

Our specific recs for each scenario are below. Start your summer off right and shop these picks—plus everything else on the site*—at 25% off between May 27 and May 30.


Best Toy for a Hot Tub

NŌS, our vibrating c-ring, is perfect for lap-sitting sex in a hot tub. The partner with a penis can sit on the edge of the hot tub, or on a ledge inside the tub, while the vulva-owning partner straddles them. NŌS makes erections more sensitive while its two curvy extensions surround the clit with vibration, bringing both partners to a simultaneous big O.

NOS vibrating c-ring

Best Toy for a Camping Trip

You might not have a power outlet in the middle of the woods, but the good news is, with BOUNCER, you won’t need one. Our bestselling dildo has three weighted balls that roll and bounce as you move for a rumbling effect—no motor required.

BOUNCER ribbed dildo


Best Toy for Jet-Setting

When you’re traveling internationally, a plug adapter is a precious resource, and you might not want to use it on your vibe. Enter ABBY G, which has the strongest battery-operated motor on the market, ridges for internal massage, and a curved tip for hitting the G-spot. It can take power from conventional AAA batteries or rechargeable ones, so wherever you journey, your toy will be ready to go.


ABBY G vibrator


Best Toy for a Pool Party

No matter how roomy your swim trunks, you can’t slip THE BOSS in there unnoticed. But you know what you can use? BOOTIE, a beginner-friendly butt plug that nestles comfortably between the cheeks. It’s gently curved to hit the P-spot, so your every movement is a little more exciting. Plus, the design is smooth enough for all-day wear. 


BOOTIE small butt plug


Best Toy for a Road Trip

When you’re taking a road trip, you have to expect the unexpected—meaning you might stay in a small-town B&B, encounter a thunderstorm, or pull over and have a little car sex. Pack LIMBA FLEX to adapt to any situation. It’s got a bendy internal wire, so you can shape it for sex in any position, in any setting (like maybe the backseat). Like all our dildos, it’s got a suction base, so you can also stick it to the shower wall in your hotel. Just remember to pack it when you go!


LIMBA FLEX bendable dildo

Best Toy for Post-BBQ Sex

When you’re full of ground beef and grilled corn, you might not have the energy to thrust a toy inside yourself. Let a self-thrusting toy do the work for you: STRONIC SURF pulsates hands-free, with pronounced ripples that massage the vaginal walls. Just lay back and reach orgasm—you could even call it your dessert.

STRONIC SURF thruster vibrator


*Excluding bundles, gift cards, Liberator and SpareParts. Offers cannot be combined.

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