Super Quiet Sex Toys

 ...for living with roommates and thin walls.
If you’ve ever heard someone’s voice through the walls of your bedroom, you might be left wondering what other sounds can travel through your space. Save yourself the awkwardness of finding out the hard way and invest in a whisper-quiet sex toy. Here are some we recommend. Bonus: all of them are waterproof, in case you need your morning shower to serve a double purpose!

Bouncer, Laya II, NOS, Bootie Ring

#1 Bouncer

Love vibration, but too nervous to risk the noise? This dildo has three hollow chambers, each with a round weight inside that bounces, rolls, and rumbles whenever the toy moves. Basically, the more you thrust, the more sensation you get! Plus, it’s so quiet you won’t even need to put music on if you don’t want to.

#2 Laya

This vibrator’s shape is both discreet and a ton of FUN. Lay it over your vulva for full-coverage vibration that hits lots of nerve endings at once, or use the tip for targeted vibration, depending on what you’re feeling. Also need some non-sexual stress-relief? The LAYA II is amazing for massaging your neck, shoulders, and even jaw. 

#3 Stronic Surf

This pulsator uses our patented technology to thrust back and forth

hands-freein ten awesome settings. Pair it with clit stimulation, or just lie back and enjoy. If you're like most people, you're already overworked, so give yourself a break, do less, and enjoy physical comforts. That includes your masturbation!

#4 Bootie Ring

Get a harder erection, prostate play, and a perineum massage at the same time—no motor necessary! Wear this combination cock ring/butt plug while you masturbate, and your motions will tug on it, making it move with you. Who knew the quietest toys could cause the biggest orgasms? 

#5 NŌS

If you and your partner want scream-worthy orgasms at a whisper-quiet volume, NŌS is your best bet. The silky-soft, flexible c-ring isn’t perfectly circular, because penises aren’t, and it squeezes in the right spots for longer, stronger erections. Better yet, it has two curvy extensions designed to hug the clit and surround it with intense vibration, so you both feel more with every thrust. Your pleasure will build in sync with one another, all the way up to your simultaneous climax. Just remember not to moan!