Sex Toys to Use When the A/C’s On

Sex Toys for when the AC is On toys shown over image of two bodies together

Temperatures are rising, everyone’s wearing shorter clothes, and we’ve got one thing on our minds: budgeting responsibly. Obviously we’re thinking of sex, too, but we’re halfway tempted to leave our rechargeable toys on the shelf right now. Using your air conditioning or fans runs up the electric bill, and opting for battery-operated or non-motorized toys could save a few bucks. Hey, it all counts! 

Just because you want to minimize your bill, though, doesn’t mean you’re willing to minimize your pleasure. The toys on our list are both effective and economical. Below, see our guide to the most FUN sex toys for the summer months.

Sex Toys for Solo Play

BOOTIE is the butt plug that 10 out of 10 butts prefer. Its curved base sits comfortably between the cheeks, and the rounded tip nestles pleasurably against the prostate. With three sizes, this toy is a favorite among beginners and experienced plug-users alike. Try inserting it and then rocking on it to vary the sensations. Or, if you have a vulva, try using BOOTIE anally and another toy vaginally at the same time—the plug will guide your toy right to the G-spot.

Bootie Anal Buttplug in Black


With its comfy shape and discreet size, OCEAN is a perfect vibe for anytime exploration. It has a rounded tip for G-spotting or prostate stimulation, with a smaller ridge that vibrates against the clit or acts as a stopper during anal play. Though it’s battery-operated, the motor is plenty strong, with intensities ranging from a gentle purr to an intense rumble. It’s one toy to please both sensitive types and power lovers! This grab-and-go option is perfect for leaving at a second location, like a summer home or your partner’s apartment. 

Ocean mini vibrator in pink


ABBY G is a vibrator for G-spot massage, just as its name suggests. The toy’s rounded, dramatically curved tip strokes the G-spot with the perfect amount of pressure to get your eyes rolling back. And the ripples all along the toy’s shaft massage the nerve-rich vaginal opening for even more intense internal stimulation. Better yet, this toy’s got the strongest motor of any battery-operated toy in the industry, and it can accept either AAA or rechargeable batteries.

Abby G g-spot battery-operated vibrator




Sex Toys for Couples’ Play

BOUNCER is like a dildo with a vibrator’s personality. It has weighted balls inside, and they bounce and roll as you move for a rumbly sensation without a motor. All that wriggly movement is super-hot when you play, because it feels super-lifelike. No wonder this toy is a fan favorite! Like all our dildos, BOUNCER plays nicely with harnesses, thanks to a thin base that lets you and your partner get close. 

Bouncer dildo in black shown over pink circle



BÜCK DICH is a two-in-one toy for kinksters and the kink-curious, with a paddle on one side and a ridged dildo on the other. Discipline your partner with the paddle side, which has a plastiform core that adapts to any level of impact, whether you want to give a light spanking or firm slaps. Then, reward them with the dildo side, which is curved to please the G- or P-spot and textured for a stimulating internal massage.

Buck Dich spanking paddle dildo by Fun Factory in red




SHARE LITE is a double dildo that does what no other double dildo can: It stays in place without a harness! The toy’s lightweight inner core prevents it from slipping, and its adjustable hinge lets you pick the perfect angle for a secure fit. As you play, you can re-bend the hinge as you switch positions—the receiver’s end, with its G- or P-spotting tip, makes any position FUN. Plus, thanks to the long receiver’s end, every thrust feels natural. 

Share Lite double dildo for couples in deep sea blue


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