Essential Toys for Bisexuals

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Here’s the thing about being bi or pansexual: You might not know much about the anatomy of your next hookup. For you, sex toys that work on all bodies may be the most appealing. Even if you’re in a monogamous relationship, the versatility of these bi-friendly toys can invite hot new possibilities into your sex life.

Below, check out our top toys for bisexual folks, as recommended by the bisexual and queer sex educators on our staff.


Vim vibrating wand


Why: This lube works on all body parts and is a perfect match for our toys. It's thick enough for anal, has a long-lasting glide, and is a favorite among our team of queer and bisexual folks.

Unexpected Benefit: Because SUTIL lube has hyaluronic acid, a hydrating ingredient, it’s a great soother for people experiencing occasional vaginal dryness—even outside the bedroom.

Volta Vibrator


Why: This toy works wonders on clits and the frenulum of a penis (i.e. the stringlike bit of skin on the underside, below the tip)—and don't forget the nipples! It can be used to stroke, tap, or vibrate against your favorite spots. It's strong and rumbly, but you can take it down to a slow purr if needed.

Unexpected Benefit: VOLTA makes an excellent stroker for testosterone-enhanced clits or t-dicks.

LIMBA FLEX (any size)

Why: You can wear LIMBA FLEX, our poseable dildo, in a harness or hold it in your hand. It can be used anally or vaginally. The flexible core can be angled to hit the P- or G-spot, making it a cinch to change positions (or partners) on the fly.

Unexpected Benefit: Like all our dildos, LIMBA FLEX has a suction base, so you can stick it to your shower wall and play solo. Bend the toy and experiment with different hot spots!

Vim vibrating wand


Why: Don't think that wands are just for vulvas! Penis owners can benefit from VIM’s unique weighted rumble against the frenulum or pressed against the perineum. The range of vibrations also makes the toy perfect for vulva owners.

Unexpected Benefit: If you prefer to leave underwear on during your period, VIM’s textured head and flexible neck means it feels pleasurable, even through fabric.


Why: Though it’s technically a vibrating cock ring, this toy is way more versatile than you think. It's a bisexual staff favorite when used as a finger vibe, as it's easy to slip between two bodies. The two curvy extensions each house a rumbly motor and allow the toy to surround any body part in vibration. As a cock ring, it works great on penises for PIV and dildos for DIV (dildo in vagina).

Unexpected Benefit: With the curvy extensions facing downward toward the balls, NŌS enhances solo sessions or hand play for penis havers.

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