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When sex toy brands try to get your attention, they’ll make claims about their eco-friendliness, sometimes going so far as to greenwash. Knowing that “sustainability” is often used as a marketing buzzword, how can you spot toys that truly minimize waste?

We’re biased, of course, but we’d say FUN FACTORY is always a safe bet for eco-conscious horndogs. We can back up our green image with real-life practices, from thoughtful design to low-emissions manufacturing to recyclable packaging. Below, get to know some of our bestselling toys and what makes each of them actually Earth-friendly.



These are our most eco-friendly toys, because they’re powered by you, no batteries needed. Plus, our dildos can last a lifetime with proper care, because they’re made entirely from silicone and finished by hand, not corrosive chemicals.

Now that you know how the Earth benefits from our dils, let’s talk about how you benefit: Our toys are versatile enough for solo and partner play, they fit nicely into harnesses, and their suction-cup bases make them perfect for shower sex. Or, get creative and repurpose them as bookends or a hat rack!

Limba flex dildo in all sizes on a green background



Weighted balls roll and shake inside BOUNCER as you move, resulting in a rumbly sensation without any motor power. The toy is like a step in-between dildos and vibrators. BOUNCER is a bestseller with three inner balls, six-plus inches of insertable length, and a five-star rating.

Bouncer Dildo on a Green background




Our lithium batteries don’t ever fully die and can be fully recharged thousands of times, meaning that a well-cared-for toy can often last for five to ten years. Unlike some sleazier brands that design their toys to break down, prompting you to buy new ones, FUN FACTORY doesn’t do planned obsolescence because it’s bad for the Earth. 

So, which of our rechargeable toys should you explore? Choose your own adventure! MISS BI, our rabbit vibe, is great for blended orgasms; MANTA, our penis vibe, is a one-of-a-kind stroker; and NŌS, our vibrating c-ring, allows couples to climax together.

Manta penis stroker on a green background



They’re not toys, but still, our FUN CUPS are a simple way to make your period more comfortable and sustainable. The cups come in two sizes, which hold four to six times as much fluid as a tampon, and you can wash and reuse them.

Conventional period products, like tampons, pads, and plastic applicators, sit in the landfill and don’t biodegrade. In fact, your period can create up to 300 pounds of trash over the course of a lifetime. FUN CUPS can last for years with proper care, making zero-waste periods possible.

Fun Cup blog image


Okay, these are not technically FUN FACTORY products. Still, we’ve partnered with SUTIL because their ethics are consistent with ours. The brand uses Ecocert and organic ingredients, many of them sourced from small family farms, and sustainable packaging. Their feel-good policies are matched by feel-good formulas, which have a non-sticky texture and hydrate the body with hyaluronic acid.

Sutil Lube on a green background


When so much Earth-friendly marketing focuses on swaps (as in, replace your old, toxic toys with greener ones), you can rest assured that FUN FACTORY toys are already eco and ethically manufactured. You are already a part of the push to make the industry more sustainable. Thank you!

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