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Spring is a time of renewal. Of blossoming. Of wanking. To help you break away from your self-pleasure routine and discover new ecstasy, we’re rounding up our favorite tips from top sexperts. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, we’ve got you covered: The info below is just as good for partner play as it is for private practice. 


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7 Unusual Masturbation Techniques Every Man Should Know

If you have a penis, you probably know at least one masturbation method that’ll get the job done. Stick to your routine, though, and you’ll miss the big Os that come from stimulating new areas and getting aroused by new materials. Let Dainis Graveris introduce you to audio porn, banana-peel masturbators, prostate stimulation, and more, and see how it changes your next solo sesh.



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Beyond the Basics: Role Play, Spanking, and Sex Toys

Kink can bring new excitement to the bedroom, even if whips and sex dungeons don’t generally get you going. Sara Youngblood Gregory has some simple tips for starting your explorations, whether you’re curious about role play or ready to explore spanking.



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Your Gay Best Friend’s Guide to Anal Pleasure

Whether you’re packing a penis or a vulva, there’s plenty of pleasure to be found in anal play. Learn which hot spots to hit, and which toys to use, from Bobby Box. Don’t be nervous if you’ve never tried rear-entry before—there are tons of tips for first-timers. 



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How to take a Luscious Butt Selfie

You know what makes sensation more intense? Arousal. You know what’s an anytime turn-on? Feelin’ yourself. Sure, taking belfies might not lead directly to an O, but pleasure encompasses both the body and mind. This post by Cy Smash invites you to be the star of your own fantasies.



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Getting Your Penis Blowjob-Ready

A well-groomed, well-dressed D will always be sexier than a slovenly one. That’s true whether you’re touching yourself or getting a beejer from someone else. To prepare you for pleasure, Bobby Box has tips for handling pubic hair, foreskin hygiene, and more.



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