O Tarot: A sensual reading with Jade T. Perry

image of Jade T Perry, facing camera over her shoulder
 Adapted from a live reading by Jade T. Perry 

Welcome to our first edition of O Tarot, a monthly sensual Tarot reading! I’m Jade T. Perry, an artist and a mystic, an educator and a Tarot reader. I’m also a Black feminist and a Black femme disabled babe, so you’ll find a lot of that in my practice.

I use Tarot as a way to think about the question, “what stories are we living in right now?” I will be looking at the cards to show us the stories we are living in around our sexual exploration, and how we can go deeper and make our lives more delicious, more juicy, more sensual, more sexual, more pleasurable.

We are looking at the cards to see how we can lead a more pleasure-filled life.

First thing we’re going to do is connect to our breath. Take a deep breath in, enjoy the climax of your own breathing, and sigh it out. Now, clear out your mind for the moment and choose one of the three following toys. The toy that you choose will let us know your card for the reading.

A Sundaze, and BeOne, and a Volta


Now it's time to receive your reading. If more than one reading speaks to you, that’s okay!Sundaze gets the Queen of Cups card

If you chose SUNDAZE, you have the Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is the card of intuitive knowledge, this is the card of self-awareness. The Queens in the Tarot represent wisdom and experience, understanding yourself. The Cups are the element of water, of emotion. You are trying to heal the brain-soul-body split. You’re realizing that these things are not separate: when one feels good it’s possible for the others to feel good.  

There’s also a regality here. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve been shopping for lingerie, toys, and other goodies that make you feel luscious and exciting. Pleasure can come from yourself, from others, from food or drink, from bathing. Surround yourself with the little luxuries, bring pleasure into your life. You are learning more about your pleasure self, acknowledging your own worthiness, and finding liberation through play.

Stand in your own personal agency, in your own ferocity and fierceness. This card is about saying what you want. If you believe that you’re worthy of pleasure, then you can communicate what’s pleasurable to other people.

Your big questions: How do I make time for emotional intelligence and self-pleasure? Do I believe that I’m worthy of pleasure? What would you do if you did believe you were worthy of pleasure?Be·One gets the Three of Cups card

If you chose BE·ONE, you have the Three of Cups

Three is the number of community, it’s the number of meeting and joining with others. This is a card of celebration amongst friends. Your element is water, this is the space of emotions and spirit. There is cause for joy! Joy is to be shared, foreplay is also to be shared.

The Three of Cups is about sharing, about playing, about exploring. Toys like the BE·ONE can be used alone or with others, and can help us explore our pleasure and connection. This may be the time to try a threesome if you can do so safely. In a pandemic, we can use sex toys to share our erotic energy over video platforms. BE·ONE makes every touch vibrate, so you can use it all over your body.

Your big questions: How do I enjoy my own erotic energy? How do I share my erotic energy with others? How can I expand my erotic range through play?Volta gets the Ace of Pentacles Reversed

If you chose VOLTA, you have the Ace of Pentacles (in reverse!)

Ace of Pentacles was in reverse, which isn’t bad! This means that there’s a little place that needs attention and compassion from you. Pentacles are the element of earth, meaning it’s tied to our time, talent, and treasure. This is a pragmatic space. When this card is upright, this is the energy of starting a new journey or path, investing in yourself, and feeling grounded. So, when this card is in reverse you may be feeling like you’re stuck in a rut or finding It hard to get started. It might feel like you’re putting in a little extra effort to do those everyday things.

You’ve got to get back into your body and view your body as your ally. Experience your own erotic energy. Know that you have to start somewhere, so begin by budgeting in some time for your pleasure. Start with 5, 10, or 20 minutes of your time. This can be for walking, dancing, sensual movement or pleasurable touch.

Your big questions: How can I start a pleasure practice where I am with what I have? What do I need?


The Nine of Pentacles

Our homework for this reading is to create a pleasure palace, a sacred space of pleasure that we build for ourselves. Overthinking and worrying is coming up as a theme, and we will use our pleasure palace to balance ourselves.

Create an erotic altar, a space for yourself to experience pleasure. It can be behind your shower curtain for 5 minutes at the start of the day, or on a tabletop, or in an Altoid box. Find things that bring you pleasure and put them in there. A quartz, a flower, a toy, an erotic intention written down. This is about tending to our own garden, and holding space for our own richness and beauty.

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