Masturbation Love Languages: Acts of Service

image Masturbation May Love Language illustrations showing people loving themselves in different ways

This week's Love Language is:
Acts of Service

Fun Factory Masturbation May Love Languages Acts of Service

Acts of Service are favors you might do out of love, like doing the laundry, helping someone pack, washing the dishes, and so on. During Masturbation May, you can do yourself the favor of creating the perfect setting for play.

Acts of Service lovers, your personalized sex tip is to do some prep work. If your bed isn’t clean, made, and clutter-free, start there—well in advance of your next solo sex sesh. Wash and charge your toys, or have a fresh pair of batteries ready. Get your water-based lube out, wash your towels and your bathrobe, and prepare your favorite post-sex snack. (Pro tip: Quesadillas freeze beautifully.) Your future aroused self will appreciate how past you took care of the details.

If we’re not talking your language just yet, don’t worry. Next week, we’ll focus on another love language, and we’ll have all five by the end of the month. Keep checking back here or sign up for our newsletter for more personalized sex tips.